Scientific experiment

Himawari provides the natural sunlight with the full spectrum which is similar to the real sunlight for your scientific experiments and reserches.

Our onshore projects was about how solar light and microbes influence the ocean. The purpose of the project was to make solar light go into the deep ocean to increase more oxygen in the ocean. We tried to build up a better environment with more solar light for microbes, the ocean’s freefloating organisms. As the survival rate of microbe increases, sulfur is significantly reduced in the area.
We made all of our devices waterproof, moistureproof and also made Himawari equipped with a solar panel next to the sun collector. The solar panel provides power to the sensor and its automatic tracking system in the middle of the sunlight collector. The automatic tracking system accurately detects sunbeams and continuously changes Himawari’s position from sunrise to sunset to provide sunlight stalely in a whole day.