How Himawari brings sunlight into your room

Himawari system consists of a sunlight collector and optical fiber devices. Its outdoor sunlight collector collects sunlight passes through quartz glass optical fibers which transmit visual ray-dominated real sunlight to anywhere you want.

Compared to regular LED light which is specific radiations triggered from electronic energy, the natural light of Himawari is direct from real sunlight. The light spectrum of Himawari system is much more similar to real sunlight, and the UV light is screened out by using the acrylic dome. Therefore, It provides a better indoor environment for people’s health, indoor farming, and aquarium. Himawari not only illuminates your life with real sunlight but also let you sunbathe indoors without ultraviolet light.

Himawari system is equipped with an automatic tracking system to accurately detect sunbeams and continuously changes its position from sunrise to sunset. It provides a stable indoor without suffering constraints imposed by room location, window orientation, and solar altitude.

Transmission of sunlight by optical fiber cables

The acrylic dome covers every device including the lens, sensor, and cables. When sunlight passes through the acrylic dome and convex lens, sunlight is condensed about 10,000 times through a highly efficient lens. At the moment, an effect called chromatic aberration occurs, causing different wavelengths of sunlight–ultraviolet, visible, and infrared rays. The inlet-end of an optical fiber cable is positioned at the focal point of the lens, then we make the ultraviolet and infrared rays eliminated.

The sunlight enters the cable through the inlet and proceeds through the fiber cable, repeating its full reflection, and is emitted from the outlet of the fiber cable.

Himawari uses a highly pure quartz glass fiber cable which transmits the visible rays with very little attenuation. A cable made of flexible optical fibers can be installed in any new or existing building to transmit sunlight to wherever it is needed.

Himawari always follows the path of Sun through the sky at equatorial, mid-latitude, and polar locations

Himawari provides stable natural light with its automatic tracking system (solar sensor can always accurately detects sunbeams during a day) and its clock mechanism which controls the movement of the light-focusing lens to accurately aim at the sun. Even when clouds block out the sun, the system can track the movement of the sun by calculating the trajectory and respond speedily to changes in the weather. Therefore whenever where you are, Himawari can always capture sunlight for you.

Note: 12 lens Himawari only needs 2W power consumption to provide power for the movement of Himawari when it keeps tracking and following the direction of the sun.

Compared to other LED lights, Himawari provides a spectrum similar to natural sunlight, and screens out ultraviolet rays to help you to feel happy and to keep your health, remain energized throughout a day. Sunlight exposure helps your body create natural melatonin at night

Not just for your health, the UV-free natural light also protects your skin, furniture, and carpets from color fading.