Your lighting solution for Intensive care/ Nursing home

Light impacts human by controlling the body’s circadian system and by enabling critical chemical reactions in the body. Himawari provides natural light for reducing patients’ depression, improving circadian rhythm, calming agitation, and improving adjustment to nightshift work among staff in the hospital.

Your lighting solution for Your healthsing home

According to scientific research, the dynamic day light has a positive effect on people’s health. Our rhythm of a day from waking, eating, working, resting, playing, and sleeping. Our behaviors follow the circadian rhythm light. It’s a rule of nature.

The circadian rhythm light and automatically adjusts to the time of a day. If we keep indoors, working all the time, how can our body follow the normal rhythm and keep us healthy?

Himawari solar lighting system provides the real sunlight following the natural sunlight change over time during each day. The circadian rhythm light can help us to control our body’s circadian system.