Your lighting solution for House Orientation

Sun has played a major role in the development of life on Earth. It gives us energy and keeps us healthy. However, sometimes you just can’t get the best house orientation, then how to bring sunlight into a north-facing home in the northern hemisphere? How to bring sunlight into a house if a neighbor’s house or trees are blocking light in your home?

Himawari system is your best solution for it. Himawari is equipped with an automatic tracking system to accurately detect sunbeams and continuously changes its position from sunrise to sunset. The spectrum of the light from Himawari system is similar to the sun’s spectrum and the sun’s UV can be screened out by using the acrylic dome covering the lenses and chromatic aberration through single lens focusing.

Your best way to increase natural light in your home

The interplay of lights in an interior space creates a good mood. Not only energizing a place but improving your home’s ambiance. In the daytime, keeping the artificial lights turned on the whole daytime long makes your electric bill high.

Especially, global energy consumption hit a record high recently. Therefore, how to save your electric bill and reduce energy consumption in the meantime you still can keep the stylish home’s ambiance is just what Himawari can do for you. Himawari provides natural solar light indoors, reducing artificial lighting requirements and saving energy.

Moreover, Natural lighting keeps people’s health and enhances comfort levels for building occupants.

Our customer in Shizuoka of Japan:

Neighbor locked the direct sunlight, Himawari solar lighting system provides the solution for them, and bring the natural sunlight into their home. Let everyone enjoy sunbathing indoor.

Your lighting solution for basement lighting

Our customer in Japan:

Himawari solar lighting system only brighten up a dark basement, but also brought natural sunlight into the basement. Even you spend long time in basement or glow plants in the basement, the sunlight will always with you and take care you and your plants.