Mechanism of Himawari solar lighting system

Compared to regular LED light which is specific radiations triggered from electronic energy, the natural light of Himawari is direct from real sunlight.

The HIMAWARI system consists of a sunlight collector (lens focusing unit), quartz glass optical fiber devices, an automatic tracking system, and the outer acrylic dome covering all the devices. The outer solid shell – acrylic dome protects all devices. Even the weather is bad, the outer solid shell protects all the stuff from heavy rain, strong wind blowing. It enhances the product’s durability.

passes through the convex lens, and the sunlight is condensed about 10,000 times through the convex lens, then the chromatic aberration occurs, causing different wavelengths of sunlight. The inlet-end of a quartz glass optical fiber cable is positioned at the focal point of the lens, then we make the ultraviolet and infrared rays eliminated. The last process is using highly pure quartz glass fiber cable to transmit the visible rays into your room.

Therefore, our natural light consists predominantly of visible rays which are best suited for enhancing photosynthesis in plants and also enhancing the color of coral and providing a high-quality environment for fish to keep a regular circadian rhythm in an aquarium.