The first version of Himawari was developed and be published in 1979 by La Forêt Engineering found in 1978. Himawari was developed by a highly innovative R&D team led by Dr. Kei Mori who dedicated his life researching green energy, especially in sunlight energy and energy transmission.

We believe natural resources are the best nutrition for creatures, and energy recycling is good for the long-term environment. This is why Himawari was born. Instead of using electricity, we direct collect sunlight from outdoor and bring it to anywhere you want. Not just saving the energy of the earth but providing complete nutrition to the human being direct from natural sunlight.

About us

Himawari Product was first developed in the world 40 years ago.

Company Information

Trade name : La Forêt Engineering co., Ltd. . ( Mori building Group )
Address : Roppongi Annex 7F 6 7 6 Roppongi, Minato ku, Tokyo, Japan
Established : December 6, 1991
Founded : May 1978
Capital Stock : 100,000,000 Yen
Shareholders : Moriiso.Co., Ltd. ( Mori building Group ). Arisawa Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Main business

  1. Research and development, manufacture, and distribution of solar lighting systems
  2. Research and development, manufacture, and distribution of optical fiber lighting
  3. Engineering of various kinds of solar energy utilization systems

Inventor Dr.Kei Mori [1932~1990]

Himawari solar lighting system was invented by the late Dr.Kei Mori-the professor of Keio University’s Science and Engineering Department. Himawari is a Japanese word that means “sunflower” a plant that turns its face toward the sun.
The late Dr.Kei Mori had considered that solar lights should be valued and harnessed for all activities in daily life.
Especially, in the 21st century has accompanied an urgent need to save the earth’s resources & energy to protect the earth’s environment. To prevent global warming and to promote the utilization of natural energy, the high-quality natural solar light provided by Himawari solar lighting system can reduce global electricity consumption to help people to save the earth in the first step.
Laforet Engineering Co., Ltd has inherited the will of the late Dr. Kei Mori to contribute still further to humankind by bringing the boon of sunlight to many people around the world.